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Oklahoma Atheist Group Tries to Help Children’s Home

As reported by Hemant Mehta and KJRH Channel 2 (Tusla), Matt and Keli Wilbourn of the Muskogee Atheist Community have been raising money to donate to the Murrow Indian Children’s Home, should they decide to accept the donation. As of this writing, the prospective donation is up to over $24,000 and the charity is stalwartly refusing to accept the donation, because of the unbelief of the donees. From their official statement:

The Murrow Indian Children’s Home was founded on Biblical principles over 100 years ago by a Baptist Missionary.

Those Biblical principles include believing and trusting in the Trinity; God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

To accept money for an advertisement which would indicate “In Honor of the Muskogee Atheist Community” in the advertisement, would be contrary to those Biblical principles upon which we at Murrow stand.  We are Christians, believing in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

We appreciate the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Matt Wilbourn for their thoughtful donation to the Murrow Children’s Home.  This decision is not about money or personal matters.  It is solely about our religious beliefs and Honoring God our Father. 

One might think that they could come to an accommodation on the wording of the advertisement, perhaps “Thanks to the generosity of the Muskogee Atheist Community” or something along those lines. We are talking about improving the lives of those in need, after all, a topic upon which Jesus of Nazareth spoke rather forcefully.

Should the children’s home remain intransigent on the donation, however, there is a backup plan in place:

If the Murrow Indian Children’s Home continues to refuse the money raised, the Atheist community will donate the money to Camp Quest, a non-religious camp.

Camp Quest is an invaluable resource for children of freethinkers, a place where they can be themselves without fear of religious peer pressure.

With all of that in mind, here again is the donation button. Kudos to Matt and Keli for pushing forward on this, if ever they visit us in OKC they can expect to encounter free pizza and beer.

Podcast #108 – Bibles in Duncan

Last week, your local godcasters interviewed the woman causing the consternation among Duncan Public School administrators and parents of local school age children. In this podcast, Lea tells us how her child came home from school with a Bible in tow and what befell their family after she took action.

For reference, you can read a local report and… the other side.

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Oklahoma Pastafarian Promotes Religious Pluralism

Sometimes you have to fight tooth and nail to get your state to recognize that unbelievers have the same rights as believers. Sometimes, though, you can just walk into the DMV and ask nicely, as Shawna Hammond did earlier today, here in Oklahoma.

Photo cropped down from actual licence

Here is how she described the process:

I went in and told them I needed to renew my license. Then I asked if I could wear my religious headwear. He said yes as long as there’s no writing or logos. I said it didn’t and I went and got my colander.

The lady taking my picture giggled and asked what religion and I told her. She looked shocked lol then asked if there was a group here in *****. I said we’re all over the world.

I cannot believe this actually worked. May her example embolden everyone else who feels that wearing goofy headgear is a universal human right that should not be restricted to theists who sincerely believe that a transcendent cosmic super-being deeply cares about our silly hats.

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